Live Looping

I was posting some links off SoundCloud to Twitter and paused to listen to the last live looping gig I had back in 2017 before my life evaporated. It was with a couple of other loopy types, both who were more synth oriented, and more experimental, where I’m more post-rock. Or so I’m told.

Famous because Raquel Welch hung out there while filming a movie in Portland about roller derby, “Kansas City Bomber.”

I sometimes miss doing the live looping thing. From late 2009 until early 2013 I played about 3 gigs a week, for tips (not many), a couple of drinks and at a couple of places, dinner. I recorded nearly all of it. I’m not sure that there are many, if any, places to play those sorts of gigs in Portland today. I think though, that the synth based material I’ve been working on lately probably has a larger potential pool of venues.

Now the question is whether I can stay organized enough to manage playing gigs in addition to a monthly painting and a monthly cooking video. Could happen I suppose.