Side Projects

Being creative is a gift and a curse. I see others on social media – okay, I’m really just on Twitter and Instagram – but I see others with similar speed bumps. Too many ideas, not enough time. Or enough time and not enough resources. I would like to hear my music used in film/video/etc. but it is a flooded market out there.

I don’t just make music. I paint, cook, take photos, and ramble incoherently, among other talents. Not incoherently enough to be the head of a corporation or run for public office, but I digress.

I have been adjusting to “the new me” after developing cognitive impairment from years of undiagnosed temporal lobe epilepsy. I used to work in IT, founded a business that I ran for over 15 years, wrote software, and solved impossible problems on a budget. I’ve been doing a bunch of cooking as therapy. Cooking is great because, unlike life, if you follow a recipe carefully things work out and your hard work is rewarded with a pie.

Like I said, I’m on Twitter and Instagram, so in addition to posting links to the proverbial SoundCloud (, or for my WIP and pictures of my cat Leo, I have been posting pictures of the cooking I’ve been doing. Which led to people telling me I should make an internet cooking show (on YouTube and on Vimeo It wasn’t a big leap from cooking food to strapping on a tiny video camera and cooking food.

I can’t manage complicated IT projects these days. I’m not able to work full time, play three live gigs a week, and do consulting on the side. That loss has been difficult to adjust to. It’s not the loss of those specific activities, it’s the loss of the abilities that made those activities possible. I have trouble staying on topic these days, and it takes effort not to wander off into that mess when I really started this post to say that I’m trying to combine the creative talents I have in a low key way to regain some sense of being productive and contributing to the world I live in.

So after much encouragement, I started an Internet cooking channel here on WordPress – – and I am using music I make and have made for the soundtrack. I’m also painting. At first I was using acrylic on canvas panel but now I’m using a Wacom Cintiq and Corel Painter. I will be posting those on a different WordPress site later. Part of being a painter in the 21st century is timelapse and process videos, and there is another place to use the music I make and have made. Some of that art will eventually be worked into the cooking channel as well.

Hopefully I will be able to stick to my plan of one painting and one cooking video a month, and improve the production of the videos. I’m pretty happy with the quality of the painting, but the video is still a little rough.

But you have to make something before you can make something better.