Living Room Jams

Noises in the Night

Getting the stripped down setup going again. Still a few changes in the queue for it.

Still need to bundle those cables

Looking forward to swapping out the AdrenaLinn III I’ve been using as a second drum source for a Synthstrom Audio Deluge, plus adding a 2nd KP3+ and a Behringer DJ mixer.

Adding the DJ mixer will make it possible to create and modify in the background, and once I get that down, I will probably add in vocals, and guitar looping. With the ability to record in backing loops while something else is playing should make live looping of the type I’ve done in the past more interesting. Most live loopers seem to use very short loops or play very ambient music. With longer loops and 2 passes to set up bass and rhythm guitar tracks it is easy to lose the interest of a crowd in a bar.