Hadn't looked in my iPad in awhile

My daughter’s boyfriend and I were talking about music and music apps and I told him about launchpad for iOS. Then I had to check my iPad to see if some of the tracks I made were still there. It’s been 2 years, but there were a few. I used to have the app on my iPhone too, but those tracks – which I assure you, with no way to be proven wrong, were the bomb – those tracks are long gone. Now I feel the urge to play more with launchpad on my iPad, but I should probably finish … Continue reading Hadn't looked in my iPad in awhile

New Recorder/Mixer

This stand and wire shelves arrangement really cleaned things up. The Tascam Model 24 is being underused here. There’s only four stereo pairs coming from the Virus and Sample, and there’s sixteen mono and five stereo channels on the Tascm. I’ll be putting the rest of the tracks to use later. Second Virus (6 – 3 stereo), Casio PX5s (2 – 1 stereo, Three Meeblips (3 mono), WaveDrum (2 – 1 stereo), Deluge (2 – 1 stereo), VG99 (2 – 1 stereo), VB99 (2 – 1 stereo), GP-10 (3 – 1 stereo, 1 mono), and VoiceLive 3X (5 – 2 … Continue reading New Recorder/Mixer