New Recorder/Mixer

DJ table with 2nd tier has just the right space and layout for this.

This stand and wire shelves arrangement really cleaned things up. The Tascam Model 24 is being underused here. There’s only four stereo pairs coming from the Virus and Sample, and there’s sixteen mono and five stereo channels on the Tascm. I’ll be putting the rest of the tracks to use later. Second Virus (6 – 3 stereo), Casio PX5s (2 – 1 stereo, Three Meeblips (3 mono), WaveDrum (2 – 1 stereo), Deluge (2 – 1 stereo), VG99 (2 – 1 stereo), VB99 (2 – 1 stereo), GP-10 (3 – 1 stereo, 1 mono), and VoiceLive 3X (5 – 2 stereo, 1 mono) add up to 27 tracks, so I have plenty of candidates. :^D

The KP3+ is on the sub out and comes back in on the fifth stereo pair. The other four channels can be switched between main, sub, and parallel.

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