Full short set from the living room

This time I only used the moonflower set to auto, and then added post FX. A little stalled out on the making new music part of things while waiting for the new Keystep Pro to ship. Anything I make on the Beatstep Pro won’t easily transfer, so I’m using the time to get the lights and projectors integrated, and getting accustomed to the Sequencer/Virus/SP404SX/KP3+ combination. Where the Beatstep Pro has a dedicated drum track and two monophonic synth tracks, the Keystep Pro has a dedicated drum track and three polyphonic synth tracks. The Keystep Pro also records CC and aftertouch, but the differences won’t change the basic way I’m using the Beatstep now, except perhaps to expand things.

Once the Keystep Pro gets here I will work up new material with a drum track and a synth track. The drum track might just be a kick or a hat. Then I can fill in another part and possibly build up the drum part on the fly.

And here’s the living room